PRP Anti-Aging Treatment

Naturally Rejuvenate Your Skin

What if you could harness the healing power of your own body to rejuvenate wrinkles, scars, acne and signs of aging? PRP (platelet rich plasma) is the latest innovation in anti-aging aesthetic treatments, improving your body naturally. Being injected with your own plasma stimulates collagen, and helps promote regeneration of blood vessels resulting in superior skin rejuvenation.

  • Lasts longer than injectable fillers alone
  • It’s natural – your body won’t reject the material because it’s your own product.
  • Can inject anywhere – even in the thin skin under the eyes
  • Can be used in conjunction with injectable fillers for longer lifespans of the filler

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Before and after results at Abicenna Skin and Laser Clinic
Before and after results at Abicenna Skin and Laser Clinic

PRP Device

We feature the Vivace Microneedling System and SkinStylus


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