Don’t Let Urinary Incontinence Stop You!

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you’ve been there… Social gatherings cut short. Workouts interrupted. Leakage at the most inopportune times, perhaps even during intercourse.


Whether you struggle with urge incontinence or stress incontinence, you’re likely to have stories similar to the scenarios above. It’s time to reclaim your life back, and it’s easier than you think.


Geneveve™: Your Urinary Incontinence Solution

Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic offers a new way to treat your UI, and it doesn’t involve surgery or drugs. You can preserve the appearance of your vagina while improving its functionality and decreasing symptoms of urinary leakage.


Geneveve™ is a non-surgical, laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment. The device treats vaginal laxity in one 30-minute treatment. Using radio-frequency energy with integrated cooling technology, Geneveve™ rebuilds and restores the strength of the vaginal walls.


The radio-frequency energy boosts the production of collagen, which is the protein in the body that keeps skin strong and flexible. As collagen increases and improves the vaginal tissue, the vagina tightens and strengthens. With tighter vaginal walls, you have better control over leakage. Another benefit is improved sensation during sexual intercourse. In addition to improved leakage, you may also enjoy better orgasms.


Do What You Love Without Slowing Down

Geneveve™ is a one-time treatment that can put your life back in your hands. No more diapers. No more racing to the bathroom. No more fear that others have noticed your leak. You can resume normal activities immediately after your appointment, which means you can get back to doing the things you love quicker and with more confidence.


To learn more about the capabilities of vaginal rejuvenation with Geneveve™, schedule a consultation to meet Geneveve™ today. If you’re located in the Litchfield Park, AZ area, contact Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic to schedule a consultation or learn more.

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