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The experts at Abicenna Skin and Laser Clinic provide the best laser tattoo removal service in Phoenix, AZ. Getting a tattoo made on your body is a huge commitment, a lot of pain and passion goes into the entire process. Some do it to feel positive about themselves and some may do it to up their style quotient. We all love getting inked, especially when it is for a loved one.

Then there comes a time when you don’t want to see the tattoo on your body anymore. You may want to change your image for a new job, or a new relationship may be. What seemed like a great idea a few years back may not be so hot today. If you are looking for a fresh start without a tattoo, laser tattoo removal may be your solution. Sometimes certain colors can be difficult to remove during the process. Fortunately for you, Abicenna provides the best laser tattoo removal service in Arizona. We use lasers that are finely tuned to remedy this problem!

Our laser tattoo removal service in AZ will help you get rid of the tattoo that you no longer want to be there on your body.

Whether it be for:

  • A new job
  • A relationship change
  • A new take on your image

It’s never too late to get a tattoo removal! Don’t wait to begin taking the first steps toward freshening up your image. Make an appointment with us and get the results you’ve been looking for! After just a few treatments, you’ll look and feel better than ever before!

Video about our services at Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic
Video about our services at Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic

Our Laser Tattoo Removal Device

Regret that tattoo, or simply want another one over it? Technology has the solution for you.  Laser tattoo removal in a medically supervised setting is the answer you’ve been waiting for.  No tattoo is too difficult.  We use local anesthesia as needed to increase comfort per patient request. Call us now to know more about our laser tattoo removal treatment!


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