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With up to 50% of women living with a form of sexual dysfunction (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, Female Orgasmic Disorder, Dyspareunia and Lichen Sclerosus) it is time to reclaim the female orgasm. There is now a guaranteed solution to improve your vaginal health, including incontinence, and create the healthy tissue needed for optimal sexual function. The O-Shot™ can create the healthy vaginal tissue you need to reach the elusive “Big O” and improve your quality of life.

By simply having your blood drawn from your arm, we are able to separate out a concentrated amount of platelets rich plasma through the use of a state of the art sterile chamber computerized centrifuge. This type of equipment is capable to customize a therapeutic level of platelets necessary for the treatment. The growth factors present in the platelets rich plasma derived are now capable of unlocking your own stem cells to allow for growth of new tissue and blood vessels, as well as regeneration of the nerve endings present in the area. This miracle liquid is then injected into the upper roof of the vagina and the clitoris with a tiny needle, distributing the growth factors to the desired area. New, healthier tissue and improved blood circulation in the vagina will give you guaranteed and safe results.

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Are you frustrated by feeling that you have been short changed or haven’t been performing at your peak? Has age, stress or medical conditions affected your sexual function leaving you and your partner less than satisfied? There is now a guaranteed solution to immediately strengthen and enlarge your penis using the latest in scientific advances.



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