Treat Annoying Spider Veins Safely

If you avoid showing your legs in public because you have spider veins, you are not alone. Spider veins are red, blue or purple veins on the thighs, calves, ankles and face. At least half of all women are bothered by this common cosmetic problem, along with some men. Spider veins can be caused by:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • Hormonal shifts
  • Requiring prolonged sitting or standing
  • Genetics
  • Weight gain
  • Pregnancies

With the right equipment and advanced modern technology, the methods to eradicate spider veins are safe, effective and relatively painless! At Abicenna Skin and Laser Clinic we provide this fast and simple solution to reclaiming your youthful beauty. Set up an appointment today!

Leg Vein Therapy

Spider veins have met their match! With sclerotherapy treat unwanted spider veins using targeted injections that will make the veins disappear.  In less than 30 minutes, you will be on your way to a new you.


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