A Woman’s Guide to Urinary Incontinence

Despite how common or normal the health concerns, women often leave difficult symptoms untreated due to embarrassment or fear of treatment. Urinary incontinence is one of these conditions.


Urinary incontinence is characterized by an involuntary release of urine when sneezing, laughing, or even exercising. As many as one in three adult women are living with UI – a shockingly high number considering that urinary incontinence is a treatable condition.


Treatment for Urinary Incontinence at Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic

When faced with the symptoms of incontinence, many women worry that the only way to get relief is with drugs, surgery, or other serious treatment. Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic offers a treatment that debunks the need for drugs or surgery in order to get relief from urinary incontinence.


Geneveve™ is a revolutionary new treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Geneveve™ is non-surgical and requires no cuts or incisions. In as little as one treatment you can experience a reduction in UI symptoms. Geneveve™ encourages tissue growth and restoration in the vaginal walls, providing you with more control over your body. It can also help you enjoy sex more, improving sensation and functionality of your vagina. One Geneveve™ treatment may mean no more urge “to go” during sex, and no more unexpected urination while sleeping, exercising, or after drinking water.


Factors Contributing to Your UI

Incontinence is a perfectly normal effect of aging, so there is no need to be ashamed of it. The staff at Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic see many women who suffer from lack of control over their bladder. In addition to seeking treatment, it is also helpful to be aware of what can worsen urinary incontinence:


  • Drug use, especially tobacco
  • Sedatives, heart and blood pressure medications
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Strongly flavored foods like chocolate and chili peppers
  • Influx of vitamin C
  • Caffeine
  • Pregnancy


The First Step Toward Relief

If you’ve been living with urinary incontinence, it is time to regain control. Contact Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic to learn more about Geneveve™ and vaginal rejuvenation. The Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic welcomes women in and around the Litchfield Park, AZ area. We look forward to introducing you to Geneveve™ – Abicenna Skin & Laser Clinic’s chosen treatment option for UI.

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